7 Reasons to Deal with PermaPine


Our People

are personable, knowledgeable, and genuinely want to assist you to succeed


Our Service

we aspire to be the best in our industry so you can be assured that we will strive to "Do it Once, and Do it Right"


Our Product

consistent size, visually clean (looks good) and we guarantee it will perform well in service. Products are graded at the generous end of accepted industry grading standards


Solution Focus

we are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to our customers, to add value to their business and provide flexible, responsive solutions



PermaPine commit to providing you product which is competitively priced and provides superior value when in final use



PermaPine have the scale and flexibility to handle large and small jobs equally well


Our Guarantee

PermaPine roundwood products are well treated and will stand the test of time. Together with our chemical supplier Arch Wood protection PermaPine provides the following guarantee:

If any PermaPine product where correctly used for its intended end use becomes unfit for use within 50 years of purchase due to insect or fungal attack, we will replace the product. Proof of purchase may be required.

Please feel free to Contact Us should you want further information or assistance