New Zealand Pine


Our wood supply is predominantly plantation grown radiata pine grown in the vicinity of the PermaPine manufacturing plant. We also have a supply of plantation grown Corsican pine.

The New Zealand plantation forest resource is 90% radiate pine. The most significant resource of radiata pine is in the Central North Island surrounding the PermaPine manufacturing plant.

These forests are managed sustainably to ensure continuous future log supply. Our log supplier's forest management practices have been certified by international agencies and environmental groups as being environmentally sound and sustainable.

We prefer plantation grown radiata pine for its consistent quality.


We are positively contributing to climate change by sourcing logs harvested in our local forests. Wood is our most sustainable building material as trees take carbon dioxide out of the air while growing and stores it in the form of cellulose. Manufacturing of wood based products results in far less carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere than competing building products or alternative materials.

PermaPine use significant energy in the manufacturing of our wood products, much of it in the wood drying (steaming) process. The energy for this process now comes from burning our own residue wood products such as sawdust and wood chip. Coal was formerly used for wood drying.

Surplus clean wood residue we produce such as post peel is used for animal bedding, and used in the production of wood pallets for home heating.

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