The Production Process


Logs are delivered to PermaPine in long lengths.
Prior to peeling, logs are cut to length through one of two work centres. Logs are then peeled through one of our seven peelers before being graded, stacked and if required, bundled. As product is produced and graded tags are generated with a product description. Touch screen technology allows real time information on our inventory, this is critical in planning production and committing accurate delivery dates for product to our customers.


When logs and wood products are freshly cut the cells within the wood hold a lot of water. During the steam drying process wood, and the water and resin within the wood, is heated to over 100 degrees at pressure. Moisture loss occurs during the steaming process and at the conclusion of steaming when pressure is released quickly allowing vaporised water to escape from the timber. This rapid pressure release also creates pathways for preservative entry into the timber.


Radiata Pine and Corsican Pine are not naturally durable without wood preservative. The most effective preservative for roundwood and timber products in outdoor applications is CCA. CCA is made up of Copper, Chromium and Arsenic; each element plays an important role in ensuring durability of the timber product after treatment.

  • Copper is a fungicide
  • Chromium is the fixing agent, fixing the other elements into the wood (the glue)
  • Arsenic is an insecticide, with some additional fungicidal properties