Our Quality Control

At PermaPine, we place a focus on producing consistent quality products using modern systems and technologies. We have a comprehensive internal and external quality control process to ensure wood products are treated in accordance with the following regulations and standards:

  • NZS 3605:2001
  • NZS 3640.0000
  • New Zealand Timber Preservation Quality Manual
  • Assure-Quality Timber Treatment Programme
  • Our Regional Council; Environment Waikato

We take our quality control very serious, in wood manufacturing, wood drying and wood preservation.

  1. The uptake of wood preservative is measured for every treatment charge against the target uptake
  2. At prescribed charge intervals core samples are taken to measure penetration of preservative through the cross section of the timber
  3. At prescribed charge intervals core samples are analysed at an independent laboratory for chemical loadings (retention) and penetration of chemical
  4. Throughout the year an independent audit party, Assure-Quality, audit our treatment operations on site to ensure compliance with the above standards and regulations.

If any PermaPine product where correctly used for its intended end use becomes unfit for use within 50 years of purchase due to insect or fungal attack, we will replace the product. Proof of purchase may be required.

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